Alaskan Halibut

Alaskan Halibut

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Premium Alaskan Halibut


Wild-caught from the continental shelf areas of remote Alaska, we are now delivering the highest quality Alaskan Halibut directly to our customers in Western North Carolina. Alaskan halibut is a flat funny looking fish that swim the continental shelf areas in remote Alaska. The meat of this large-species halibut (up to 500lb per fish) is white, flaky, and perfect. Typically baked or grilled, you can’t get a better fish to cook with. This sustainably harvested abundant natural resource is an excellent source of protein. 100% all-natural product comes directly from nature with no preservatives. These skinless boneless portions come individually vacuum packed. Perfectly sized portions are approximately 6-8oz and serve 1-2 people.


6 - 8 oz Fillets