Delivery : 9 AM - 6PM Daily
Office : 8AM - 8AM Daily


1636 Hendersonville RD
Asheville, NC 28803

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Q:Is there a delivery charge?
A:Yes, $4.95
Q:What is your delivery radius?
A:60 Miles5
Q:Is there a minimum order for delivery?
A:Yes $50
Q:Io I need to be present to receive delivery?
A:No we offer contact free delivery services. Our packaging also matches our high quality standard and keeps our products frozen for up to 12 hours.
Q:Are there any added hormones in the products we sell?
A:No we do not partner or support any farmers that use added hormones. In fact, the U.S FDA only allows hormones to be added to beef and pork; it was banned from chicken in the 50s.
Q:Is your chicken cooled in a chlorine bath?
A:No, we ensure to only purchase chicken that is air cooled and ozone bathed. Chicken that is chlorine bathed absorbs excess water while chicken that is air cooled actually loses excess water, keeping it a more true to nature product