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Carolina Bison

A fourth-generation American farmer who discovered a passion for natural health and organic farming as a young man.Dr. King’s core motivating principle behind his dedication to the unique living things on his farm is to provide the therapeutic foods necessary to restore human health in the 21st century. Because these animals ultimately nourish others with their meat and milk, Dr. King insists upon impressively high standards of care. The animals live a peaceful life grazing on lush pastures seeded with a diverse combination of nutritional non-GMO grasses.

Asheville, NC
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Vandele Farms

Larry and Katheen Crocker care about what they do. They prioritize happy lives for their animals, and sustainable practices on their land. They say that the best products begin with the best farming practices. Their pigs live full, happy lives always on the pasture, in community with each other. All of their pork has no preservatives, growth hormones, or antibiotics.

Lake Lure, NC
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Sunburst Trout Farms

The techniques of smoking, boneless fillets, processing red trout, and preparing caviar, all began to expand the horizons for commercial farming at Sunburst. Soon to follow was a pate (dip). Carefully portioned pieces of the largest fattest fillets and even a presentation known as "en papillote", a French culinary concept, were also making a name for themselves. We have been able to expand our offerings to not just trout with encrusted and marinated fillets, trout jerky, but also a non trout product, pimento goat cheese that pairs perfectly with our hickory smoked trout.

Waynesville, NC
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Joyce Farms

Joyce Farms is a family-owned company dedicated to providing top chefs, artisanal butchers, and educated consumers with the finest, most flavorful poultry, beef and game raised on small farms using humane, all-natural methods.

Winston-Salem, NC