Maverick's Cattle Company

Location : Marshall, NC

Maverick's Cattle Company offers you ethical, sustainable cattle ranching practices to bring the finest grass fed and grain finished Angus/Hereford and F-1 American Waygu beef.
This is a new partnership that we are delighted to share with the community.


Ridgetop Farms

Location : Liberty, TN

Ridgetop Farms is a family farm. It was built on a dream that came to fruition in 2012. The Mansfields fell in love with the Hereford Breed for their docile demeanor and physical attributes. The Ridgetop farm consists of approximately 600 acres of pasture and wooded area where they raise their Herefords.

Apple Brandy

Apple Brandy Beef

Location : North Wilkesboro, NC

Apple Brandy finishes their Angus/ Hereford Cattle on Corn, the cattle are raised on grass for the first 9/10 of their life, then finished on corn, this makes for a heartier, more marbled cut of beef.


Wellsdale Farms

Location : Leicester, NC

Wells Dale finishes their 100% Black Angus Cattle on the Hops, Oats, and Barley provided by Highland Brewing Company. This method makes for a healthier Cow, and a leaner beef.