Rockhouse Farm

Rockhouse Farm

Location : Morganton, NC

Rockhouse Farm comes from Morganton, NC - with exceptional marbling and taste. Rockhouse has been raising Wagyu in NC for over 17yrs. This is full-blood Wagyu which takes up to 36 months for full maturity, longer than most other cows. This is for the superb marbling that true full-blood Wagyu can produce.

Joyce Farms

Joyce Farms

Location : Winston Salem, NC

Truly grass-fed and grass-finished, these are all Choice cuts graded by the USDA. A special offering that we're thrilled to bring to you. This is the original heritage Angus; Aberdeen Angus, born in 1842. The taste is pure and savory.

Only 2-3% of the beef in America today is true Aberdeen Angus.

Compared to grain-fed cows, this beef has:

  • 1/3 less saturated fats
  • 2x-6x Omega-3s and Omega-7s
  • 3x the amount of the cancer-inhibiting conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and 1.5x more protein.
These cows are fed over 23 seedlings, and Animal Welfare certified.

Happy healthy meats, for all!


Wellsdale Farms

Location : Leicester, NC

Wells Dale finishes their 100% Black Angus Cattle on the Hops, Oats, and Barley provided by Highland Brewing Company. This method makes for a healthier Cow, and a leaner beef.

Providence Farmstead

Providence Farmstead

Location : Otto, NC

Providence Farmstead is a family farm. They raise all Wagyu cows that have been crossed with a Jersey Cow, allowing true Wagyu flavor to shine. This beef is of incredible quality, local, and has marbling that's hard to find. Wagyu produces MUFAs, which are the same healthy fats in nuts and olive oil. The fats in Wagyu are different than other cows; they reduce bad cholesterol, and increase the good.