Wild Caught vs. Farm Raised

     There is one topic that has gained a lot of attention over the years in the seafood industry:  Wild Caught vs. Farm Raised.  While there are many folks on both sides of the discussion, I personally believe there is good to come from both practices.  Doing research and making informed decisions will lead you to a happy, healthy, and sustainable seafood option.

     Farm Raised seafood gets a really bad reputation because many of the farmers use practices that are detrimental to the environment, human health, as well as the overall well being of the fish.  However, when properly regulated and environmentally friendly practices are used, the end product can be of super high quality.  Just look at our very own Sunburst Trout Farm in Western North Carolina.  A family run farm that cares about their customers health and the environment that provides them the ability to make a living for their family.  If everyone approached Fish Farming like Sunburst Trout Farms, there wouldn’t be much of a debate to have.

     Wild caught fish tend to be a more lean option because of feeding on a natural diet.  One other positive is that they are living and thriving in their natural environment.  A lot of consumers also like the fact that no additional hormones and antibiotics can be added to wild caught varieties.  While all of these are great reasons to support wild caught fisheries, there are still concerns such as overfishing and the never ending pollution of our oceans.

     What everything really boils down to is there are positives and negatives to both ways of acquiring seafood.  This is why we supply both wild caught and farm raised fish.  You as a consumer have the responsibility of finding a quality provider such as Lean Times Meat Company that takes the time to do the research for you and guarantees that every product you receive from us comes from a farm or fisherman that not only cares about the quality of their product, but the overall health of their customers.

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